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Audio and Video

What is Audio and Video?

Well, According to the W3C, “The terms audio and video commonly refers to the time-based media storage format for sound/music and moving pictures information.”


2004 was a popular year, not only did I graduate high school, but online video was born. Unforgettably, online video made it’s huge debut on May 7th, 2004 when a group associated with Al Queda released a video online of Nick Berg’s beheading. This type of content previously had no outlet as it would not be shown on TV;  however,  with the growing amount of blogs around the world, the video was seen by many people who had never seen, or wanted to see anything so violent.

February 2005 YouTube was founded and the first video was published in April and the Video IPod was introduced and opened the era for portable video. In October of 2006, Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion dollars and is considered the biggest moment of online video of the decade.Due to the increased popularity of YouTube, a major shift occurred from file downloads to connected flash player views. Prior to announcing it on television, John Edwards announced his run for presidency on YouTube in 2007, and the Emmy Awards awarded It’s Jerry Time an award, the first ever for an online series.

Information gathered from Dembot

Who watches video online?

Who watches online video by gender

Men Women
65% 57%

Who watches online video by age

18-29 Yrs 30-49 Yrs 50+ Yrs
78% 66% 45%

Who watches online video by education level

High Graduate or Lower Some College College Graduate
47% 70% 68%

Why use Video?

Why use video in a business? Two main reasons, video is engaging and, more importantly, video is persuasive.


  • Customer Testimonials and Success Stories
  • Customer Presentations
  • Product Presentations and Demonstrations 
  • Product Reviews and Visual Stories
  • Corporate Overview and Staff Presentations
  • Customer Support
  • Advertising
  • PR Support
  • Recruitment
 From 51 Ways to use web video to help your business grow

The report entitled “Frames of reference: Online Video advertising” produced by the Online Publishers Association (OPA) published that 80% of visitors who watched an online video advertisement, and around 46% took some action.” Engage, the blog


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